Monday, July 11, 2016

Face the Music 7.14.16

Harlem Blues
{W.C.Handy 1923}
played by Carl Wolfe’s Orchestra 1999

Chicago Slow Drag
Natty Dominique’s Creole Dance Band
Saber Room, Darbell Springs Hotel
Chicago 1953

Sidney Bechet Quintet 1939

The Crave
Jelly Roll Morton piano solo 1938

{Louis Moreau Gottschalk}
Robert De Gaetano 1989

The Versatile Four
London, England 1920

Was It a Dream? - waltz
Lillie Delk Christian with
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Four 1928

Farewell Waltz
Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts
Richmond, Indiana 1928

Del Rio Waltz
East Texas Serenaders
Dallas, Texas 1937

La Valse des Yeux Bleu
{Blue Eyes Waltz}
Breaux Freres 
San Antonio, Texas 1934

Waltz Mirage
Zez Confrey player piano roll 1926

Tom Brown’s Saxophone Waltz
played by Dan Levinson’s
Trans-Atlantic Saxtette 2009

Django Reinhardt & the
Quintette of the Hot Club de France 1940

Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me
James Moody 1958

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