Monday, April 14, 2014

Face the Music 4.17.14
Questionable Content III

When Do We Dance?
George Gershwin in London 1926

Music Hall Waltz Medley including
Are We to Part Like This, Bill?
White Star Orchestra 1997

Was It a Dream?
Lillie Delk Chrsitian with
Louis Armstrong’s Hot Four 1928

What’s the Use of Cryin’ Baby?
Jack Purvis & his Orchestra 1930

How Deep is the Ocean?
Coleman Hawkins 1943

What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue?
Muggsy Spanier’s Ragtime Band 1939

Baby Won’t You Please Come Home?
Bill Coleman & his Orchestra
avec Django Reinhardt 1937

Honey Where You Been So Long?
Ma Rainey with Lovie Austin’s
Blues Serenaders 1924

Honey Won’t You Allow Me
One More Chance?
Henry Thomas 1927

What’s Your Price?
Lena Wilson 1931

How Long, How Long Blues
Tampa Red’s Hokum Jug Band
with Frankie Half Pint Jaxon 1928

Where My Shoes At?
Charley Taylor & Ishman Bracey 1929

Any Rags?
Wooden Joe Nicholas 1945

Oh, Didn’t He Ramble?
Kid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band
radio broadcast 1947

How Many Mo’ Years?
Othar Turner {1990s}

Wasn’t He Bad?
Washboard Sam 1939

Corrine Corrini,
Where You Been So Long?
Wingy Manone & his Orchestra 1938

Why Don’t You Do Right?
Nora Lee King with
Sammy Price 1941

Monday, April 7, 2014

Face the Music 4.10.14
Questionable Content Part II

What Is This Thing Called Love?
{composed by Cole Porter 1930}
piano roll played by T. Lawrence Cook

Isn’t There a Little Love?
Joe “Wingy” Manone
& his Club Royale Orchestra 1928

Can I Tell You?
King Oliver & his Orchestra 1929

What Is There To Say?
Bud Freeman & his Windy City Five
featuring Bunny Berigan 1935

Oh, Wasn’t It Nice?
Mattie Dorsey
with pianist Troy Snapp 1927

Pardon Me, Pretty Baby
Joe Venuti’s Blue Four
vocal by Harold Arlen 1931

Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra 1935

Baby, Oh Where Can You Be?
Fats Waller - piano solo 1929

Where or When?
Edmond Hall Quartet
with Teddy Wilson 1944

What Am I Here For?
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1942

How About Me?
{composed by Irving Berlin in 1928}
Dick Hyman - piano solo 1987

What Will I Do In The Morning?
Fats Waller & his Rhythm 1937

Do You Remember?
Big Maceo 1949

What’s The Matter with the Mill?
Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe 1930

Will You Spend Your Eternity in Hell?
Black Billy Sunday 1931

What’s That Thing She’s Shaking?
Papa Charlie Jackson 1934

What Will I Do?
Big Joe & his Rhythm 1941

Monday, March 31, 2014

Face the Music 4.03.14
Questionable Content, Part I

How Ya Baby?
Fats Waller & his Rhythm 1937

Are You Sticking?
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra
featuring clarinetist Barney Bigard 1941

Can’t We Be Friends?
Muggsy Spanier & his Orchestra 1942

What’s the Use?
Bud Freeman & his Gang 1938

How Can I?
Fats Waller & his Rhythm 1937

Where or When?
Benny Goodman Trio
featuring Peggy Lee 1941

Why Did You Do That To Me?
Washboard Sam 1940

What You Want Me To Do?
King Oliver & his Orchestra 1929

Where Did You Stay Last Night?
King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band 1923

Who’s Dis Heah Stranger?
Thomas Morris Orchestra 1926

What’s That Thing?
Jeanette’s Synco Jazzers 1927

What’s the Matter?
Memphis Jug Band 1929

Granny Will Your Dog Bite?
Othar Turner, Napoleon Strickland
& R.L. Boyce 1970

What You Gonna Do?
Old Ced Odom
& Lil Diamonds Hardaway 1936

Jelly Roll Morton’s Hot Six 1940

Can You Take It?
Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra 1933

Joe Daniels & his Hot Shots 1936

What’s the Matter Now?
Rubberlegs Williams with
Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker 1945

What’s This?
Illinois Jacquet 1945

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Face the Music 3.27.14: Nineteen Short Films
Program inspired by the 52nd Ann Arbor Film Festival

By the Waters of Minnetonka
Zez Confrey player piano roll 1927

Rosa Mia
Adalbert Lutter Tango Orchestra 1934

Tambourine Song
Morton Gould Orchestra 1960

Dance of the Octopus
Red Norvo marimba
Benny Goodman bass clarinet
Dick McDonough guitar
Artie Bernstein string bass 1933

Egyptia {intermezzo}
Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra

Japanese Sandman
Edgar Jackson’s Dance Orchestra 1932

Asleep in the Deep {parody}
Al Jolson 1911

Advertising Plant’s Baking Powder
George Graham 1896

Fragment of St. Hubert Mass
Hunting Horns 1899

Deep Blue Sea
Royal Bucks Hussars Band 1899

Teapot Dome Blues
Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra 1923

Blue River
Bix Beiderbecke
with Frankie Trumbauer’s Orchestra 1927

My Baby Doesn’t Squawk
Thomas Morris & Joe Nanton
With the New Orleans Blue Five 1926

Cymbals, Cow Bell & Ratchet
Warren Baby Dodds 1944

Talking and Piano Experiment
Jimmy Yancey & Clarence Lofton 1943

Loose Wig
Lionel Hampton & his Orchestra 1944

The Way You Look Tonight
Earl Bostic 1959

A New Pair of Shoes
Ned Sublette & the Persuasions

Hungarian Rock
by Gyorgy Ligeti
arranged for barrel organ by Pierre Charial

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Big thanks to Weston Hughes
for presenting a beautiful version
of this program last week while I recovered
from a pulled back muscle garnished
with an attack of the gout.

This week's list of potentials & probabilities:

Face the Music 3.20.14

Boogie Woogie
King Oliver & his Orchestra 1930

Endurance Stomp
State Street Ramblers 1928

What’s the Matter Now?
Charles “Bozo” Nickerson 1930

Nobody Knows You
When You’re Down and Out
Clarence “Pinetop” Smith 1929

Unemployment Stomp
Big Bill Broonzy 1938

Daddy What You Done To Me
Coot Grant & Socks Wilson 1933

Newport Blues
Cincinnati Jug Band 1929

Dick Justice 1929

Lock and Key
Bessie Smith
with James P. Johnson 1927

Greenville Strut
Mississippi Sarah Watson
& Daddy Stovepipe 1931

Shake Your Shimmy
The Midnight Rounders
with Jimmy Blythe &
Frankie Half Pint Jaxon 1928

Everybody Loves My Baby
Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra
with Louis Armstrong 1924

Yaaka Hoola Hickey Doola
Al Jolson 1916

That Thing Called Love
{written by Perry Bradford}
Zez Confrey piano roll 1919

Rippling Waters
Willie the Lion Smith 1939

Art Tatum 1949

Cow Cow Blues
Meade Lux Lewis
private live recording
California, late 1940s

Weary Blues
Alex Belhaj’s Crescent City Quartet 2013

Monday, March 3, 2014

Face the Music 3/06/14

Memphis Rag
performed by a trumpet/piano duo
identified only as “Hot and Heavy” 1926

Just Hot
The Cotton Pickers 1923

Sizzlin’ the Blues
Monk Hazel & his Bienville Roof Orchestra 1928

Sizzling One-Step Medley
Frankie Trumbauer & his Orchestra
vocals by Johnny Mercer & the Night-Caps 1932

A Hot Time in Town – Medley
Harry Roy, “King of Hot-Cha” & his Orchestra 1933

Hot Toddy
Cab Calloway & his Orchestra 1932

Professor Hot Stuff
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra 1930

Hot Town
Fess Williams’ Royal Flush Orchestra 1929

Cab Calloway & his Orchestra 1934

Oh! Sister, Ain’t That Hot?
Jimmie Noone’s Apex Club Orchestra 1928

Sweet and Hot
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1931

Turn On the Heat
Eva Taylor with the Charleston Chasers 1929

Sophie Tucker School for Red Hot Mamas
Sophie Tucker 1954

Turn On the Heath
Ted Heath & his Orchestra 1947

Hot House
Wardell Gray 1947

Monday, February 24, 2014

Face the Music: Warmin’ Up

Potentials & Probabilities
for broadcast of  2.27.14

Burnin’ the Iceberg
Jelly Roll Morton & his Orchestra 1929

Freeze and Melt
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1929

I’ll Build an Igloo for You
Princeton Triangle Jazz Band 1924

You’ve Got to Get Hot
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1923

Hot and Ready
Richard M. Jones Jazz Wizards 1928

Hot and Heavy
Ben Tobier & his California Cyclones 1930

Hot Feet
Duke Ellington & his Cotton Club Orchestra 1930

Hot Lips
The Cotton Pickers 1922

Just Hot
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1923

Hot Bones and Rice
Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Orchestra 1929

Hot Waters Blues
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra 1928

Hot Tempered Blues
Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten 1928

Hot Papa Blues No. 2
Papa Charlie Jackson 1929

It’s Hot Like That
Charles McCoy,
Bo Chatman & Walter Vincson 1930

They’re Red Hot
Robert Johnson 1936

Hot House Rag
Wally Rose with Lu Watters
Yerba Buena Jazz Band 1942

Warmin’ Up
Teddy Wilson & his Orchestra 1936

Hot Rod
Illinois Jacquet 1950

{played on bass sax & French horn}
Anthony Braxton-Stewart Gillmor Duo 1996