Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Face the Music: Seventh Parcel of Twos to air 12.20.12

Yancey Special
Meade Lux Lewis 1942

Bill Bailey, Won’t You
Please Come Home? {1902}
Dave “Fingers” McKenna

Easy Street
singing trombonist Trummy Young
with Jimmie Lunceford’s Orchestra 1942

Carolina in the Morning {1922}
Jerry Colonna & his Dixieland Band

Under the Bamboo Tree {1902}
sung by Susan La Marche with
Waldo’s Ragtime Orchestra

Memphis Blues {1902}
sung by Katherine Handy
with James P Johnson

Oh Didn’t He Ramble {1902}
played and sung by
Jelly Roll Morton

The Dirty Dozen
Ben Curry 1932

Diga Diga Doo
Mills Brothers 1932

Honeysuckle Rose
Hot Club Frankfurt 1942

It’s a Long Way to Tipperary {1912}
Muggsy Spanier & his Dixieland Band

Trinidad Paseo
Lovey’s Trinidad String Band 1912

Black Diamond Rag
Fred Van Eps 1912

Manuelito Waltz
Lovey’s Trinidad String Band 1912

Sweet Adeline
Peerless Quartet 1912

Grey Skies Around the Corner
Charlie & his Orchestra 1942

You Made Me Love You
Orson Welles
singing to a photograph of Lana Turner, 1942

Sweet Sue
Mills Brothers 1932

Doin’ the New Low Down
Cab Calloway & the Mills Brothers
With Don Redman’s Orchestra 1932

Monday, December 10, 2012

Face the Music 121312
A Sixth Parcel of Twos

Greenwich Witch
Zez Confrey 1922

A Breeze From Alabama
Scott Joplin 1902
played by William Albright

Storyville Blues
Bunk Johnson’s
Original Superior Band 1942

Hawaiian Blues
Johnny Dunn’s
Original Jazz Hounds 1922

Ole Miss Blues
James P. Johnson 1922

Nobody Lied
Broadway Dance Orchestra 1922

Fidgety Feet
Eddie Condon & his Band 1942

Fat Tuesday
Humphrey Lyttelton’s Band 1952

Rumba de Media Noche
Vicente Sigler 1932

Lawd You Made the Night Too Long
Louis Armstrong 1932

Steal Away
Turner Junior Johnson 1942

Friendless Blues
Humphrey Lyttelton’s Band 1952

Keep Your Hands Off My Mojo
Coot Grant and Wesley Wilson 1932

How You Want It Done?
Big Bill Broonzy 1932

Farewell Blues {1922}
Count Basie & his
All-American Rhythm Section 1942

You Took Advantage of Me
Cliff Jackson 1962

Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1942

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Face the Music - Potentials & Probabilities
Fifth Parcel of Twos for 12.06.12

Can’t We Get Together?
Joe Sullivan Trio 1952

Never Heard of Such Stuff
Joe Sullivan Trio 1952

No Local Stops           
Ralph Sutton 1952

Don’t Leave Me Daddy
Eddie Condon & Band 1942

Alexander’s Ragtime Band {1912}
Bessie Smith

Champagne Charlie Is My Name
Blind Blake 1932

The Scat Song
Steve Washington & the
Washboard Rhythm Kings 1932

Toot, Toot, Tootsie! {1922}
Oriole Terrace Orchestra 1922

I Wonder Blues
Bailey’s Lucky Seven 1922

Friar’s Society Orchestra 1922

Runnin’ Wild {1922}
The Cotton Pickers 1922

Under the Double Eagle {1902}
Wilbur De Paris & the Rampart Street Ramblers

Fast and Furious
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1932

Lay Your Racket
Sidney Bechet’s New Orleans Feetwarmers 1932

Pickin’ My Way Guitar Mania {part one}
Eddie Lang & Carl Kress 1932

Two Bits {Really Fine}
Fats Waller, his Rhythm & Orchestra 1942

Moten Swing {1932}
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra 1932

Down Under
Woody Herman & his Orchestra 1942

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I hope to put across this Thursday evening:

Face the Music 11.29.12                                                      
fourth parcel of twos

King Porter Stomp                                                               
Grant-Lyttelton Paseo Band 1952

Wilbur De Paris & the Rampart Street Ramblers 1952

Tricks {1922}                                                  
Zez Confrey 1922

It’s Three O’Clock in the Morning {1922}                       
Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra

Lazy Rhapsody                                                                    
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1932

Got To Cool My Doggies Now                                          
The Cotton Pickers 1922

Carolina Blues                                                                      
Mamie Smith’s Jazz Hounds 1922

Morocco Blues {1922}                                                       
 by Joe Jordan; played by Rick Benjamin

The Entertainer {Scott Joplin 1902}                                  
Bunk Johnson’s Jazz Band

Tappin’ That Thing                                                       
Memphis Jug Band {as the “Pickaninny Jug Band”} 1932

Dusty Rag                                                                             
Bunk Johnson’s Jazz Band

Any Rags? {1902}                                                         
Wooden Joe Nicholas & Band {vocal by Johnny St. Cyr}

Bugle Call Blues {aka Bugle Call Rag 1922}                     
Friar’s Society Orchestra1922

Dancing Fool {1922}                                                           
Eddie Condon & his Band with Fats Waller

Boogie Woogie Stride                                                         
James P. Johnson 1942

Can’t We Get Together?                                                     
Joe Sullivan Trio 1952

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans {1922}                     
Kansas City Six with Buck Clayton & Lester Young

Sunrise Boogie                                                                     
Blind John Davis in Paris 1952

It’s Sand, Man                                                                      
Count Basie & his Orchestra 1942

Thursday, November 22, 2012

face the music 11.22.12
third parcel of twos

Waiting for the Robert E. Lee   
{published in 1912}
played by Bob Milne

I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise
Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra 1922

Was That the Human Thing to Do?
Ben Selvin & his Orchestra 1932

I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
Mary Straine with Joseph Smith and his band 1922

Muscle Shoals Blues
Fats Waller – one of his first recorded piano solos 1922

Discontented Blues
Friar’s Society Orchestra 1922

The Wicked Fives’ Blues
Lena Wilson 1922

Shake Your Cans
Lucille Hegamin 1932

You Can’t Get That Stuff No More
Tampa Red 1932

That Big Black Woman
Wilmoth Houdini, Calypso King of the West Indies 1932

Sans Amour
Josephine Baker 1932

Sweet Sue
Red Nichols 1932

I’ll Never Be the Same
Adelaide Hall with young Art Tatum 1932

Travelin’ Light
Gene Ammons 1952

An Armful of You
Joe Sullivan Trio 1952

It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie
Billie Holiday 1942

Tea for Two
Lester Young 1952

Jumpin’ the Blues
Jay McShann & his Orchestra 1942

It’s Sand, Man
Count Basie & his Orchestra 1942

Sunrise Boogie
Blind John Davis 1952

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Looking forward to this broadcast as I think it will be nice and gratifying.

Highlights include:

"Stumbling" (which I still contend ought to be our national anthem until we learn some collective sense) composed in 1922 by one Zez Confrey. Performed by Eteri Andjaparidze who hails from the Republic of Georgia.

"Everybody Two Step" published one hundred years ago and recorded in 1912 by pianist Mike Bernard.

"Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Shean", a major vaudevillian hit from 1922. Al Shean (whose given surname was Schoenberg) was the uncle of the four Marx Brothers. this routine is loaded with amazing quips.

"Farewell Blues" recorded in 1922 by Friar's Society Orchestra, also known as the New Orleans Rhythm Kings. They were the next step after the Original Dixieland Jazz Band; both groups strongly influenced an entire generation of hot jazz players including Bix Beiderbecke.

"Boo Hoo Hoo", a record waxed in 1922 by Husk O'Hare's Super Orchestra of Chicago. The leader's name is a play on words, for a herd of hares is called a "husk".

"Birmingham Blues" was one of the first records ever made by Fats Waller, who was around eighteen years old when he cut this piano solo in 1922.

"O Sole Mio" is the old Italian air, popularized by Enrico Caruso who made a record of it in 1916. This disarmingly refined adaptation was played in Paris by pianist Blind John Davis in 1952.

"Tiger Rag" was almost certainly the first record Art Tatum ever made. The year was 1932, and he was about to take New York by storm after traveling east from his home town of Toledo, Ohio with vocalist Adelaide Hall. I think this was a test pressing. Not certain that it was ever released to the public back then.

Also dating from 1932, "Everybody Loves My Baby" features extraordinarily bubbly vocals by the Boswell Sisters backed by Bunny Berigan's Orchestra. 

"Bee's Knees" was published in 1922. Pianist Ralph Sutton more or less ran it up the flagpole exactly thirty years later.

Isn't life wonderful?

Second Parcel of Twos for the end of 2012                                       to air 11.15.12 WCBN 88.3 FM

Stumbling (Paraphrase) {1922}                      
Eteri Andjaparidze plays Zez Confrey

Everybody Two Step {1912}                           
Mike Bernard 1912

Society Blues                                                       
Ory’s Sunshine Orchestra 1922

Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Shean                              
Edward Gallagher & Al Shean 1922
Farewell Blues                                                     
Friar’s Society Orchestra 1922

Carl Fenton’s Orchestra 1922

Boo Hoo Hoo                                                     
Husk O’Hare’s Super Orchestra of Chicago 1922

How Come You Do Me Like You Do?          
Cab Calloway & his Orchestra 1932

It Don’t Mean a Thing
Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington’s Orchestra 1932    

Birmingham Blues                                             
Fats Waller 1922

O Sole Mio                                                           
Blind John Davis 1952

St. Louis Blues                                                    
Count Basie’s All-American Rhythm Section 1942

Count Basie with Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra 1932

Tiger Rag                                                              
Art Tatum 1932

I’ve Found a New Baby                                    
Sidney Bechet’s New Orleans Feetwarmers 1932

Everybody Loves My Baby
The Boswell Sisters with Bunny Berigan’s Orchestra 1932

Bee’s Knees {1922}
Ralph Sutton 1952

New King Porter Stomp
Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra 1932

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

  • I'm carrying on with a time-honored tradition that characterized the old-school jazz show I hosted for one quarter of a century at a certain southeast Michigan university-affiliated NPR affiliate.
  • The broadcasting tradition referred to involves recognizing the close of each year with a series of meticulously researched programs featuring music composed, published or recorded in years ending with the same number as the one which will soon expire.
  • The final eight weeks of 2012, for example, will be brought to you by the number "2".
  • Which means you'll have opportunities to experience music associated with the years 1892, 1902, 1912, 1922, '32, '42 and '52. 

First Parcel of Twos for 2012                         

Face the Music WCBN 88.3 FM

Potentialities for 11.08.12   {parentheses indicate year of composition or publication}

Prelude in C sharp minor – Sergei Rachmaninoff Op.3 No.2 {1892}
Eddie Lang

Peter and the Wolf – Sergei Prokofiev Op.67
Benny Goodman 1942

The Strenuous Life – Scott Joplin {1902}
William Albright

Don’t Mess With Me
James P Johnson 1922

Strong Talk
Princeton Triangle Jazz Band 1932

Runnin’ Wild
Cotton Pickers 1922

Ory’s Creole Trombone
Ory’s Sunshine Orchestra 1922

Decatur Street Blues
Mamie Smith’s Jazz Hounds 1922

Put and Take
Dunn’s Original Jazz Hounds 1922

You Got to Have That Thing
Memphis Jug Band 1932

Stove Pipe Stomp
Big Bill Broonzy 1932

Come Over and See Me
Big Joe & his Rhythm 1932

Sweetie Dear
Sidney Bechet’s New Orleans Feetwarmers 1932

Rose of the Rio Grande {1922}
Sidney Bechet’s Blue Note Jazz Band

Reefer Man
Cab Calloway & his Orchestra 1932

Main Stem
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1942

Jumpin’ Blues
Jay McShann & his Orchestra 1942

Flying Home
Lionel Hampton & his Orchestra 1942

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This program's pre-show list of potentials was shaped by several forces. For example there is the terrible aftermath of the storms that recently converged on the East Coast, and the hideous possibility of more protracted general devastation in this country if the Republicans wreck the economy and defecate all over the Bill of Rights. Please concentrate upon keeping the most dangerous individuals out of office!

I have seen a lot of presidents in my time and Obama is easily one of the very smartest and best. He can and will accomplish more good things and continue to bring us back from the Bush family-induced economic disaster if we can keep him in office and prevent Republicans from sabotaging his every move. Please vote Democratic.

Now that I've opened up and expressed my personal political viewpoint, this is the Eve of the Day of the Dead, which traditionally means it's a time of ancestor reverence. While in a sense all of my playlists and broadcasts are a form of ancestor reverence, the veils between the worlds grow thin at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm happy to provide you with appropriate musical reflections.

Finally, the list includes a number of ruminative, mood-altering pieces that will be used Friday evening when I provide the soundtrack for Yasujiro Ozu's silent black & white classic "Dragnet Girl" {1933}. This flick was years ahead of its time--sort of like a Japanese answer to James Cagney, but also existentially Noir.

DJ'ing this free screening live (Friday 11/02 - 7:00 PM at U of M's Natural Science Auditorium} is one of the greatest honors I have ever been handed. Heartfelt thanks to Markus Nornes and U of M's Center for Japanese Studies, and to Ichiro Kataoka, a professional benshi who will stand on the opposite side of the screen from me as he provides voices for characters in the film.

face the music
potentials& probabilities 110112

things ain’t what they used to be
duke ellington trio

backwater blues
james p johnson

dark was the night, cold was the ground
blind willie johnson

this world
john lee hooker

don’t let nobody hold your spirit down
eric bibb

spanish swat
jelly roll morton

george gershwin/oscar levant

sergei rachmaninoff/eddie lang

blues in c sharp minor
teddy wilson

vogel als prophet {the prophetic bird}
robert schumann/myra hess

fats waller

the boogie dream
james p johnson

how long blues
jimmy yancey

the dream
james p johnson

deep forest
earl hines

ko ko
duke ellington

jay mcshann

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Face the Music potentials & probabilities
for broadcast/streaming of 10.25.12
7-8 pm on WCBN 88.3 FM
listen to the saxophones

Bouncing Around
Sam Morgan’s Jazz Band 1927

Sheik of Araby
Sidney Bechet’s One Man Band 1941

Original Dixieland One Step
Coleman Hawkins & the Ramblers 1937

You Took Advantage of Me
Bud Freeman Trio 1938

Who’s Sorry Now?
Wild Bill Davison & his Commanders 1945

Oh! Lady Be Good
Lester Young with Count Basie’s band 1936

Doggin’ Around
Herschel Evans with Count Basie’s Orchestra 1938

Feedin’ the Bean
Coleman Hawkins with Count Basie’s Orchestra 1941

The Moon Is Low
Gene Sedric with Fats Waller & his Rhythm 1939

Farewell Blues
Alix Combelle avec Benny Carter et son Orchestre 1938

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be
Charlie Barnet & his Orchestra 1942

Jim Dawgs
Ike Quebec All Stars 1945

Park and Tilford Blues
Ben Webster Quintet 1946

Cattin’ at Keynote
Coleman Hawkins Quartet 1944

Stompin’ at the Savoy
Flip Philips Hiptet 1945

Just You, Just Me
Lester Young Quartet 1943

Blue and Sentimental
Buddy Tate & his Orchestra 1947

Commercial Eyes
Lucky Thompson with Dodo Marmarosa 1947

Long Tall Dexter
Dexter Gordon Quintet 1947

I Love Paris
Charlie Parker Quintet 1954