Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This program's pre-show list of potentials was shaped by several forces. For example there is the terrible aftermath of the storms that recently converged on the East Coast, and the hideous possibility of more protracted general devastation in this country if the Republicans wreck the economy and defecate all over the Bill of Rights. Please concentrate upon keeping the most dangerous individuals out of office!

I have seen a lot of presidents in my time and Obama is easily one of the very smartest and best. He can and will accomplish more good things and continue to bring us back from the Bush family-induced economic disaster if we can keep him in office and prevent Republicans from sabotaging his every move. Please vote Democratic.

Now that I've opened up and expressed my personal political viewpoint, this is the Eve of the Day of the Dead, which traditionally means it's a time of ancestor reverence. While in a sense all of my playlists and broadcasts are a form of ancestor reverence, the veils between the worlds grow thin at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, and I'm happy to provide you with appropriate musical reflections.

Finally, the list includes a number of ruminative, mood-altering pieces that will be used Friday evening when I provide the soundtrack for Yasujiro Ozu's silent black & white classic "Dragnet Girl" {1933}. This flick was years ahead of its time--sort of like a Japanese answer to James Cagney, but also existentially Noir.

DJ'ing this free screening live (Friday 11/02 - 7:00 PM at U of M's Natural Science Auditorium} is one of the greatest honors I have ever been handed. Heartfelt thanks to Markus Nornes and U of M's Center for Japanese Studies, and to Ichiro Kataoka, a professional benshi who will stand on the opposite side of the screen from me as he provides voices for characters in the film.

face the music
potentials& probabilities 110112

things ain’t what they used to be
duke ellington trio

backwater blues
james p johnson

dark was the night, cold was the ground
blind willie johnson

this world
john lee hooker

don’t let nobody hold your spirit down
eric bibb

spanish swat
jelly roll morton

george gershwin/oscar levant

sergei rachmaninoff/eddie lang

blues in c sharp minor
teddy wilson

vogel als prophet {the prophetic bird}
robert schumann/myra hess

fats waller

the boogie dream
james p johnson

how long blues
jimmy yancey

the dream
james p johnson

deep forest
earl hines

ko ko
duke ellington

jay mcshann

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