Monday, September 24, 2012

Face the Music – WCBN 88.3 FM –
potentials and probabilities for broadcast & stream of 9.27.12

Lovin’s Been Here and Gone to the Mecca Flat
Jimmy Blythe 1926

Zach Whyte’s Chocolate Beau Brummels 1929

Get ‘Em Again Blues
The Chicago Footwarmers 1928

Me and My Gin
Bessie Smith 1928

Viper Mad
Sidney Bechet with Noble Sissle’s Swingsters 1938

Easy Rider Blues
Albert Ammons 1939

The Breaks
Albert Ammons & his Rhythm Kings 1944

The Blue Room
Ben Webster with Bennie Moten’s K.C. Orchestra 1932

Limehouse Blues
Ben Webster with Benny Morton’s All Stars 1945

Sheik of Araby     
Hot Lips Page with the V Disc All Stars 1944

I’ve Found a New Baby
Dexter Gordon Quintet 1943

Take the “A” Train
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1941

Vine Street Breakdown
Buddy Tate & his Orchestra 1947

Happy Medium
Hot Lips Page & his Band 1945

Coleman Hawkins & his Orchestra 1945

Lester Young 1950

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Face the Music
Probabilities & Potentials for broadcast of 9.20.12

Jelly Roll Stomp                                 
Frank Melrose 1929

It’s Tight, Jim                         
Preston Jackson & his Uptown Band 1926

Keep Movin’                                        
James P. Johnson 1945

Gravier Street Blues              
Johnny Dodds & his Orchestra 1940

What a Dream                        
Sidney Bechet & his Orchestra 1938

Numb Fumblin’                                  
Fats Waller 1929

Put It Right Here                                
Bessie Smith with Porter Grainger and Big Charlie Green 1928

Bottom Blues
Albert Ammons & his Rhythm Kings 1944

What Is There To Say?
Coleman Hawkins & his Orchestra 1945

It Takes Two To Tango
Lester Young with the Oscar Peterson Trio 1952

Hocus Pocus
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1934

Harlem Air Shaft
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1940

Kansas City Jive
Hot Lips Page and his Band 1946

Kansas City Local
Buddy Tate & his Orchestra 1947

Blowed and Gone
Dexter Gordon at a Los Angeles jam session 1943

Wardell Gray Quartet 1949

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

potentials and probabilities:
face the music 9.13.12  -  for lindsay

new cow cow blues
cow cow davenport with cornetist b.t.wingfield 1927

tack annie
king oliver’s dixie syncopators 1926

loose like a goose
bennie moten {quartet} 1929

i ain’t your hen, mr. fly rooster
martha copeland with bubber miley & j.c. johnson 1928

pallet on the floor {take two}
big eye louis nelson de lisle with wooden joe nicholas 1949

sugar blues
kid ory’s creole jazz band 1955

i need a little sugar in my bowl
bessie smith 1931

you’re some pretty doll
eddie condon’s band with pee wee russell & fats waller 1940

exactly like you
dink johnson 1950

unknown piece
j.w. jones, james jones & floyd bussey {southern fife & drum group} 1970

my soul is a witness
austin coleman with joe washington brown & group 1934

jungle drums
james p johnson 1945

shufflin’ sadie
fletcher henderson & his orchestra 1927

sedition law
king radio 1940

albert ammons & meade lux lewis 1939

hawkins’ barrelhouse
coleman hawkins 1943

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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September 6 @ 7:00PM
Tomorrow Night!

Tune in to Ann Arbor radio station WCBN 88.3FM tomorrow night, as Radio Host Arwulf Arwulf of Face the Music talks about CJS's Silent Ozu film series with Markus Nornes, Chair of Screen Arts & Cultures at the University of Michigan. Kataoka Ichiro, benshi (Japanese silent film narrator), will also be performing live on the air.

More Info: Silent Ozu on WCBN
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