Wednesday, September 12, 2012

potentials and probabilities:
face the music 9.13.12  -  for lindsay

new cow cow blues
cow cow davenport with cornetist b.t.wingfield 1927

tack annie
king oliver’s dixie syncopators 1926

loose like a goose
bennie moten {quartet} 1929

i ain’t your hen, mr. fly rooster
martha copeland with bubber miley & j.c. johnson 1928

pallet on the floor {take two}
big eye louis nelson de lisle with wooden joe nicholas 1949

sugar blues
kid ory’s creole jazz band 1955

i need a little sugar in my bowl
bessie smith 1931

you’re some pretty doll
eddie condon’s band with pee wee russell & fats waller 1940

exactly like you
dink johnson 1950

unknown piece
j.w. jones, james jones & floyd bussey {southern fife & drum group} 1970

my soul is a witness
austin coleman with joe washington brown & group 1934

jungle drums
james p johnson 1945

shufflin’ sadie
fletcher henderson & his orchestra 1927

sedition law
king radio 1940

albert ammons & meade lux lewis 1939

hawkins’ barrelhouse
coleman hawkins 1943

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