Saturday, July 2, 2016

Face the Music 7.07.16 - Waltzing in Eccentricity

Valse Boston
Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra 1914

Evening Chimes Waltz
Herve Duerson piano solo 1929

Waltz You Saved For Me
George Lewis & Don Ewell 1966

James P. Johnson player piano roll 1921

Honeymoon Waltz
Reginald R. Robinson piano solo 1993

Blue Danube
Ivelee Pat Flowers piano solo
with bass accompaniment 1945

Swaltzing With Faust (Gounod)
Fats Waller piano solo 1939

Inner Space
Luckey Roberts piano solo 1958

Jitterbug Waltz
Fats Waller & his Orchestra 1942

The Sheik of Araby
Budapest Ragtime Band 1985

Minute Waltz (Chopin)
John Kirby & his Orchestra 1939

Little Niles (Randy Weston)
Donald Bird & Gigi Gryce
Jazz Lab Orchestra 1957

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