Monday, February 24, 2014

Face the Music: Warmin’ Up

Potentials & Probabilities
for broadcast of  2.27.14

Burnin’ the Iceberg
Jelly Roll Morton & his Orchestra 1929

Freeze and Melt
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1929

I’ll Build an Igloo for You
Princeton Triangle Jazz Band 1924

You’ve Got to Get Hot
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1923

Hot and Ready
Richard M. Jones Jazz Wizards 1928

Hot and Heavy
Ben Tobier & his California Cyclones 1930

Hot Feet
Duke Ellington & his Cotton Club Orchestra 1930

Hot Lips
The Cotton Pickers 1922

Just Hot
Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra 1923

Hot Bones and Rice
Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Orchestra 1929

Hot Waters Blues
Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra 1928

Hot Tempered Blues
Charlie Johnson’s Paradise Ten 1928

Hot Papa Blues No. 2
Papa Charlie Jackson 1929

It’s Hot Like That
Charles McCoy,
Bo Chatman & Walter Vincson 1930

They’re Red Hot
Robert Johnson 1936

Hot House Rag
Wally Rose with Lu Watters
Yerba Buena Jazz Band 1942

Warmin’ Up
Teddy Wilson & his Orchestra 1936

Hot Rod
Illinois Jacquet 1950

{played on bass sax & French horn}
Anthony Braxton-Stewart Gillmor Duo 1996

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