Monday, February 17, 2014

Face the Music 2.20.14 - Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff
Johnny Dodds with
Jimmy Blythe’s Owls 1927

Red Hot
Mound City Blue Blowers 1924

Get Hot
Mamie Smith & her Jazz Band 1921

Buck Dance
J.W. Jones & Ephram Carter
dancing, body percussion & speech 1970

Hot Dogs
Blind Lemon Jefferson 1927

I Wanna Hot Dog for My Roll
Butterbeans & Susie with
Tosh Hammond, one-string violin 1927

Canned Heat Blues
Tommy Johnson 1928

Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man
Cook & his Dreamland Orchestra 1926

Red Hot Dan
Fats Waller with Morris’s Hot Babies 1927

Red Hot Band
Duke Ellington & his Cotton Club Orchestra 1929

Red Hot Pepper
Jelly Roll Morton & his Orchestra 1928

Hot Lips
Specht’s Society Serenaders 1922

Hot Lovin’
Barrelhouse Five Orchestra 1929

Hot Club Stomp
James Dapogny’s Chicago Jazz Band 1994

Hot Platter
Erskine Hawkins & his Orchestra 1939

White Heat
Jimmie Lunceford & his Orchestra 1939

Sahara Heat
Illinois Jacquet 1947

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