Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Michigan is experiencing severe drought and record breaking high temperatures. My response is to initiate a series of programs serenading the earth and especially the water element. Most of these recordings were made in the 1920s, 30s & 40s. The titles on this list will potentially and even probably air, but not necessarily in the exact sequence you see here.

water element radio – face the music 7-8 PM                   wcbn 88.3 fm – - 7.26.12

Muscle Shoals Blues                                                                  Fats Waller

Swampy River                                                                          Duke Ellington

Up the Lazy River                                                                     Bechet-Spanier Big Four

Riverside Blues                                                                         King Oliver

Michigan Water Blues                                                               Jelly Roll Morton

No Good Water Cause the Pond is Dry                                      Jaybird Coleman

Summertime                                                                              Sidney Bechet

Back to the Land                                                                       Lester Young

Chant of the Rain                                                                      The Cats and the Fiddle

Keeps On A-Rainin’                                                                  Bessie Smith

Malt Can Blues                                                                         Ike Rodgers & his Biddle Street Boys

By the Waters of Minnetonka                                                    Bob & Jim, the Genial Hawaiians

Down By the Old Mill Stream                                                    Irving Fazola & the Musical Maniacs

By a Waterfall                                                                          Bonzo Dog Band

Wabash Blues                                                                           Hoosier Hot Shots

Swanee River                                                                           Freddy Johnson & Django Reinhardt

Stormy Weather                                                                        Joseph Robichaux

Blue River                                                                                Bix Beiderbecke Centennial Band

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