Monday, July 16, 2012

As Ann Arbor prepares to be occupied by a lot of people from out of town who will use a lot of the town to sell a lot of stuff to a lot of other people from out of town, this is at least the seed bed for the playlist I plan to use during Thursday night's broadcast on WCBN 88.3 FM

Face the Music           art?          71912

No Parking      The Cotton Pickers      1928-1929       Timeless Historical

That’s No Bargain      Red Nichols      Hot Trumpets       ASV Living Era

Easy Money      Fletcher Henderson’s Orchestra      A Study in Frustration      Columbia

Selling That Stuff      The Hokum Boys      1929      Document

Rippin’ It Off      Five Harmaniacs      Harps Jugs Washboards & Kazoos 1926-1940      Document

Buck Dance {body percussion}      J.W. Jones & Ephram Carter      Traveling Through the Jungle: Negro Fife & Drum Bands      Testament

Untitled Phrases from Cartoon Soundtrack      Meade Lux Lewis      Alternate Takes, Soundies, Etc.      Document

I Want a Hot Dog for My Roll      Butterbeans & Susie      1926-1927      Document

Selling the Jelly      Noah Lewis Jug Band      Gus Cannon & Noah Lewis Volume 2      Document

Any Rags?      Wooden Joe Nicholas      Wooden Joe Nicholas      American Music

Foot Scuffle      Joseph Robichaux & his N.O. Rhythm Boys      1933      Document

Hot Heels      Eddie Lang      A Handful of Riffs      ASV Living Era

Hello Mabel      Bonzo Dog Band      Cornology      EMI

Bow Wow Blues      Original Dixieland Jazz Band      1917-1936      French RCA

Hook, Line & Sinker      Humphrey Lyttelton & Graeme Bell      The Other Parlophones 1951-1954      Sackville

All the Whores      Bunk’s Brass Band      Bunk Johnson 1945 Sessions      American Music

Get the “L” On Down the Road      Bill Johnson’s Louisiana Jug Band      Frankie Half Pint Jaxon 1926-1929      Document

You Drink Too Much      Harlem Hamfats      1936-1937      Document

Sassin’ the Boss      Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra      1939-1940      Hindsight

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