Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Face the Music
WCBN FM 12.17.15
Sixteenth Swath or Swatch of Fives

Sob Sister Sadie
Original Memphis Five 1925

Trombone Blues
Duke Ellington's Washingtonians 1925

The Joys
Jimmy O'Bryant's 
Washboard Wonders 1925

Got No Time
The Little Ramblers 1925

In Your Green Hat
The University Six 1925

Say! Who Is That Baby Doll?
Ipana Troubadours 1925

Melancholy Lou
Howard Lanin's Ben Franklin
Dance Orchestra 1925

Alabamy Bound
Sam Wooding's Orchestra
in Berlin 1925

Keep Smiling At Trouble
California Ramblers 1925

Makin' Whoopee
Benny Goodman & his Orchestra 1935

Blind Man's Buff
Arthur Young & his Youngsters 1935

Toledo Shuffle
Bernard Addison & his Rhythm 1935

Facts  And Figures
Chick Webb & his Orchestra 1935

Bugle Breaks
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra 1945

Hot Lips Page
& the Apollo Theater House Band 1945

Love Me Or Leave Me
Billy Eckstine's Orchestra 1945

Johnny Come Lately/Jumpin' Punkins
Duke Ellington & his Orchestra
live in Indiana 1945

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