Monday, July 13, 2015

Face the Music 7.16.15

Cocktails for Two
Jonathan & Darlene Edwards 1957

Steak and Potatoes
Willie Bryant & his Orchestra 1935

Aunt Jemima Stomp
Kansas City Tin Roof Stompers 1929

Red & Miff’s Stompers 1926

18th Street Strut
Five Musical Blackbirds 1926

Bow Wow Blues
California Ramblers 1922

Aunt Hagar’s Blues
Lanin’s Southern Serenaders 1921
…with Jimmy Durante at the piano

Does My Sweetie Do - And How
Waring’s Pennsylvanians 1925

No Parking
& his Palais d’Or Orchestra 1928

Fight That Thing
Reb Spikes Majors & Minors 1927

Horsey Keep Your Tail Up
Fred “Schnickelfritz” Fischer 1939

Military Mike
Original Memphis Five 1925

Ikey Robinson
& his Kansas City Five 1935

Watching the Clouds Roll By
Cliquot Club Eskimos 1928

Paul Howard’s Quality Serenaders 1929

When the War Breaks Out in Mexico,
I’m Going to Go to Montreal
Jerry Colonna
& his Dixieland Band – late 1950s

The Eel
Tenor saxophonist Bud Freeman
with the Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band 1971

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