Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Face the Music  6/25/15
Potentials & Probabilities

A Mosquito Ate Up My Sweetheart
Segura Brothers 1928

Hans Schindler und sein Orchester 1930

Red {Nichols} & Miff {Mole}’s Stompers 1926

12th Street Rag
Fletcher Henderson & his Connie's Inn Orchestra 1931

Harry Raderman’s Jazz Orchestra 1920

You’re Burnin’ Me Up
Ross Gorman & his Orchestra 1926

Indiana Mud
Eddie Carlew’s Baby Aristocrats Orchestra
recorded in St. Paul, Minnesota 1927

Jambled Blues
Sonny Clay’s Plantation Orchestra
recorded in Los Angeles, California 1927

Louisiana Bobo
Curtis Mosby & his Dixieland Jug Blowers
recorded in Los Angeles, California 1929

Moldy Fig Stomp
Chubby Jackson & his Jacksonville Seven 1946

Cushion Foot Stomp
Clarence Williams Washboard Five 1927

Alabama Stomp
Red {Nichols} & Miff {Mole}’s Stompers 1926

Broadway Stomp
Jack Pettis & his Pets 1928

Original Dixieland One Step
Grant Moore & his New Orleans Black Devils 1931

Old Man Rhythm
clarinetist Tony Parenti 1929

Hot and Bothered
Clarence Profit Trio 1940

Old Joe’s Hittin’ the Jug
Stuff Smith & his Onyx Club Boys 1936

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