Thursday, December 11, 2014

as aired 12.11.14

7:57 PM Ben Webster Quintet with Hot Lips Page 1944 The Horn {I Got Rhythm} Ben Webster 1944-1946 Classics Chronological
7:52 PM Coleman Hawkins Sax Ensemble 1944 Louise Coleman Hawkins: The Master Charly
7:50 PM Ben Webster 1944 Honeysuckle Rose 1944-1946 Classics Chronological
7:46 PM Johnny Guarnieri's All-Star Orchestra 1944 Salute to Fats Lester Young: The Complete Savoy Recordings Savoy Jazz
7:43 PM James P. Johnson piano solo 1944 Squeeze Me Snowy Morning Blues GRP Decca Jazz
7:40 PM Tut Soper & Baby Dodds 1944 Thou Swell Jazz & Blues Piano Volume Two 1924-1947 Document
7:36 PM Richard M. Jones Jazzmen 1944 New Orleans Hop Scop Blues Richard M. Jones 1927-1944 Classics Chronological
7:31 PM Jelly Roll Morton piano solo 1924 Thirty-Fifth Street Blues 1923-24 Milestone
7:28 PM Rosa Henderson accompanied by Fletcher Henderson 1924 How Come You Do Me Like You Do? Volume Two 1924 Document
7:25 PM Bessie Smith with alto saxophonist Don Redman 1924 Louisiana Low Down Blues Volume 1: Queen of the Blues JSP
7:22 PM Piron's New Orleans Orchestra 1924 Louisiana Blues Breaking Out of New Orleans JSP
7:19 PM Louis Armstrong with Fletcher Henderson's Orchestra 1924 Everybody Loves My Baby A Study in Frustration Columbia
7:16 PM Jelly Roll Morton-King Oliver duo 1924 King Porter Jelly Roll Morton 1923-24 Milestone
7:13 PM Mound City Blue Blowers 1924 Red Hot Tram! Volume 1 Frank Trumbauer's Legacy to American Jazz The Old Masters
7:10 PM Lionel Belasco Orchestra 1914 Panama Paseo No.1 Godnight Ladies and Gents Rounder
7:06 PM Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra 1914 Bregeiro {Rio Brazilian Maxixe} The Earliest Black String Bands Volume 1: Dan Kildare 1914-1917 Document
7:02 PM Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra 1914 Joan Waltz - Hesitation The Earliest Black String Bands Volume 1: Dan Kildare 1914-1917 Document

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