Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This list was cobbled together intuitively on Sunday evening
The actual broadcast coordinates might well resemble what you see here
Pat Flowers was a Fats Waller follower who was based in Detroit
Alligator Crawl was written by Thomas Waller - this version resonates wonderfully
Rosa Henderson will make a reference to "cake eaters" - coded language for effeminate men
The Norfolk Jazz Quartet was usually just billed as the Norfolk Jazz 
They also cut a lot of spirituals and gospel recordings as the Norfolk Jubilee Quartet
The arrangement used on Duke Ellington's Cotton Club Stomp may create a disturbance in your mind
Shanghai Shuffle is a masterpiece of restlessness that first erupted during the middle 1920s
Jimmy Yancey's use of bass line rhythms always suggests to me a subtle Afro-Caribbean influence
Speaking of which: Barbados might well be one of charlie Parker's most attractive melodies
For this reason I look forward to putting it across for you on Thursday evening 

face the music 8.09.12                                   

Blue Danube                                                    Pat Flowers                                                      1945
Alligator Crawl                                                 Louis Armstrong & his Hot Seven                     1927
Ain’t Got No Mama Now                                Four Pods of Pepper                                        1929
Michigan Water Blues                                      Clarence Williams                                            1930
Muddy Water Blues                                         Jelly Roll Morton & his Orchestra                   1923
Shreveport Blues                                             Clarence Williams Blue Five                            1923
Congo Love Song                                            Omer Simeon & his Dixie Rhythm Kings         1929
Gator Wobble                                                  Memphis Jug Band                                          1934
Driftwood                                                        Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra                1924

Can’t Be Bothered With No Sheik                   Rosa Henderson & James P. Johnson              1931
Get Hot                                                            Norfolk Jazz Quartet                                       1921
Wa Da Da                                                        Bix Beiderbecke & his Gang                           1927
Duet Stomp                                                      Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight                    1929
Cotton Club Stomp                                          Duke Ellington & his Cotton Club Orchestra     1929
Shanghai Shuffle                                               Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra                 1934
Bechet’s Steady Rider                                      Sidney Bechet’s Blue Note Quartet                  1940
Janie’s Joys                                                      Jimmy Yancey                                                 1939
Barbados                                                         Charlie Parker All Stars                                   1948

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